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Tru Sports Talk is the template for giving you the world of sports from an alternative angle. From the onset, we created the narrative of linking sports with mainstream society. The facts, opinions, truth, and realities presented by the hosts are not always consistent with mainstream culture. We set the standards and push the envelope in order to give the people what they want.


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Tru Sports Talk

June 22 2019 (Sun, 23 Jun 2019)
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June 8th 2019 (Sun, 09 Jun 2019)
Topics NBA PLAYOFFS Draymond Green a Hall of Famer? Is this the end of college basketball? Hosts Sharia Marcus-Carter Bobby May C Grooms
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Rooney Rule                                                     0:30-2:40

Entrepreneurship                                               2:41-4:31

Women Leaving School                                    4:32-12:36

Laila Ali                                                            12:37-29:43

Too Much Too Soon                                         29:44-30:56

Founding Fathers                                              30:57-51:54

Kenny Anderson                                               51:55-1:01:37

Sports Media                                                     1:01:38-1:22:25

DR. J                                                                 1:22:26-1:51:32

M.J.                                                                          1:51:33-1:57:28            

Mobile Link to Volume 4 The Best of Tru Sports Talk


Religion & Politics in Sports                               0:30-18:15               

Career & Education                                             18:16-45:14

Dribble, Pass, & Shoot                                        45:15-49:50

Kyrie Irving & Steph Curry                                49:51-52:24

Q & A with NBA Scout Anton Marchand           52:25-1:59:48

Rose Classic                                                        1:59:49-2:01:07

Ace Pitcher                                                           0:30-1:41

SMC Sports Consulting                                        1:42-4:09

Philly Market Chicken                                          4:10-5:20

Rob Speaks on Phil Jackson                                 5:21-6:38

Black on Black Crime Propaganda                       6:39-12:21

Lack of Black Coaches in Sports                          12:22-15:27